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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    Hello to everybody,

    Could anyone tell me where can I find a pediatric Lokomat in USA, please? Thank you!

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    Any specific area? The US is pretty big.
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    Arizona lokomat locations

    Do you know of any pediatric Lokomat locations in Arizona? Specifically Tucson if there are any. Thanks.

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    Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat

    The university of oklahoma health sciences center offers both pediatric and adult lokomat services.

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    Hi guys,

    just wondering what injury level and minimum existing functional ability is required for the Lokomat to be effective? Im a T12 ASIA C but my muscle strength is very weak meaning I can only take about 30 slow steps with a walker and AFOs.

    Fly Pelican Fly

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    Fly, I used the locomat for about 6 weeks at 2x/week. I was strapped up so tight that I developed brush burns on my legs. The exercise was nice , but I was limited by my kick forward. It was nice to be on a treadmill again and move at a normal pace. I'm an incomplete and don't have the stength or dexterity to go beyond that.

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    To "keeping on" , The locomat for 2x week is enough to help with flexibility but likely (in my experience) is not enough to make any functional gains (especially if it is the locomat basic model and not the locomat PRO).
    The brush burns can be avoided by wearing cotton pants, proper padding, and making sure the cuffs fit appropriately. NEVER WEAR Jeans. Depending on the level of the injury I would not say you "can not go beyond that"--even without a locomat people can make great gains in their overall health.

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    greg, i think the "therapists" are not adequately trained! after bleeding legs due to incorrect placement of padding we are also reticent regarding continued Locomat use. OR at least not without a vigilant advocate to monitor the "therapist" and the session

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    @Jehanne, you should report that to Hocoma directly. We have never had any skin issues. Then again, we are teacher certified to use the machine, always have someone within 2 feet of the machine, and use sheepskin for padding. We are in San Diego with both pediatric and adult legs and augmented feedback. PM me if you want more info...

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    Not sure if it's been written, but there is one at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. For veterans as far as I know.

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