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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    I have a friend who has been using it in Oklahoma City...he's excited and as a c5 incomplete is loving it...

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    What is the facility's name otr contact info?

    Quote Originally Posted by madmaddmother View Post
    I have a friend who has been using it in Oklahoma City...he's excited and as a c5 incomplete is loving it...
    What is the facility's in OK's name or contact info? Thx. in advance.
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    Greg, give a couple days to get the info...he worked at the VA Hospital during the summer and the doctors there hooked him up...if you are familiar with OKC it is across the street from the hospital...I changed phones and like a dummy saved numbers to the old phone which broke...and not the sim you live in OK? Our friend is walking over a mile, twice a week...and is so excited...

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    lokomat pro

    im in s. florida and use the lokomat pro at ck out videos on youtube type in neuroxcel.. i walk on it on average 3 times a week for the last 6 months ... any ?'s ask them ill try to answer thru my experience... im a c-4 incomplete..

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    ps. mike c , the list does not list neuroxcel as a lokomat location can you please update this information as this is the latest location in s. florida to use this piece of equipment... ty in advance...

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    Does anyone know if the Lokomat is available in the UK? Preferably London.

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    5 Sessions in; only 7 left

    I'm a C4 Asia C (because of toe movement on both feet). I'm 5 sessions in and my therapist says I only get 12 to "show improvement". So far, nothing has changed.

    Any matter how crazy.

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    Hi gbusinelle,

    The Locomat in my opinion will not give you incredible improvement in only a few sessions (especially in the ASIA A and B). At my rehab center we have noticed some dramatic improvement in strength in our incomplete ASIA C SCI patients using the locomat with augmented feedback 3-4 x week after around 3-4 weeks. My current patients are ongoing so I can not tell you if the improvements in strength will remain if they stop therapy. IMHO, the locomat needs to be incorporated with good physical therapy and a home exercise program to be most beneficial. We also like to alternate lokomat days with the giger md device. While the giger md device is also very expensive we have found it to be most beneficial in conditioning and improving range of motion. I am in the process of building a more affordable version using standard bicycle parts. I will make the details of how we built it shortly after it is tested.
    Best of luck with everything,
    Brad Marcus

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    UPDATE - Broken 5th metatarsal

    After maxing out speed and time by my 3rd session, my right foot twisted in my 9th session resulting in a fractured 5th metatarsal. I'm in a boot for 12 weeks. I haven't decided if I'll walk on the Lokomat again.

    I ride a FES bike 3 times a week and stand daily but still have osteoporosis.
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    gbusinelle... That should be reported to hocoma (the lokomat company) as it is an FDA approved device. Was it strap failure? How fast were you going? Were you over 50 percent weight bearing? Metatarsal fractures can happen from taking a heavy pounding walking "too much". Although you are an ASIA C, it sounds like you have no functional movement in your legs. Did a physiatrist or a neurologist do your ASIA exam?? You were probably better off from the getgo if your goal was cardiovascular and bone health to stick with a cheaper and quicker option (FES bike) or with other intermittent weightbearing or resistance exercises (even if passive) that you could do on an ongoing basis.
    The lokomat is an amazing machine for the right indications and time frame. I have one and am speaking from experience. It is definetly not useful for everyone with an SCI.
    I am disturbed when I see maxing out speed and time by the third session. What were the criteria for this and how fast and far were you going??
    Best of luck with the recovery.
    Bradley Marcus

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