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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    Here is my contact info We are in San Diego.
    I had my first c8 incomplete SCI patient on the Lokomat Pro today. It was very exciting. The biofeedback allowed consistent on the fly training with objective feedback. Very cool, and a lot of fun. Good luck everyone...

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    Most if not all of the VA SCI Centers should now have their Lokomat's installed and be providing treatment for appropriate Veterans. We had to raise the ceiling in the gym to get ours put in!


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    We were lucky. 20 foot high ceilings. If the VA in san diego starts to use it for parkinson's or M.S. then we should collaborate. They haven't developed any real protocols for this yet. I'll gladly share the info...

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    LOKOMAT was dream to me. Than, I found private clinic in Toronto with dream machine, and decided to spend some $$$ from the future (for everything else is Master Card) and performed 3 AMAZING LOKOMAT sessions and in the meantime I fell of wheelchair, broke my foot and postponed all for 6 weeks......than transmission in my car broke down and I had to call wheelchair TAXI to go to the Hospital and I met taxi driver who had claimed that he was 16 years in the wheelchair and Miraculously start to walk again ....what a day....

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    In regards to the post above:

    Given the current data on weight supported ambulation I do not believe that any device should be marketed as a "cure" for paralysis. There are many benefits to weight supported ambulatory training devices (decrease in osteoporosis, improved circulation, feelings of well-being...). In my opinion, robots and machines are assitive machines to an overall therapy plan and should not be relied upon in isolation. I have been impressed with latest studies for the locomat Pro in Cerebral Palsy, M.S. and Stroke. I also feel their is great promise for parkinsons as well. In regards for SCI, I feel that the locomat PRO model is superior to the Locomat BASIC model or Manual Assistance as this device has the ability to vary assistance with each stride effort with active biofeedback. Again, this is my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cypresss View Post
    dr Wise, SCI-Nurse, anyone, ... knows/have a research paper about the benefits of Lokomat or FES bike in SCI? I'll be very interested to read about those machines, especially in SCI cases.
    I just found a paper related to FES use in SCI. This might be a good starting point for those interested in this field.

    "Following the pioneering work of Helmut Kern and Winfried Mayr, the FES Vienna Group developed and implemented the EU RISE project... ... ... made the stimulation devices and surface electrodes needed to stimulate long term denervated muscle of subjects sufferingt low thoracic-lumbar spinal cord injury (SCI). Here we report enrollment criteria, follow-up analyses, home based FES protocols and demography data. The scientific collaboration of the European partners of the clinical study, and of the 25 SCI participants that accepted to be muscle biopsied both pre and post h-b FES training are warmly acknowledged."[source]
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    I used the lokomat during rehab at shepherd. I had to urge my therapist to put me on it because they felt I should've focused on functional independence instead, ignoring the movement I had in my legs. But I did 10 sessions and felt some muscle improvement in current available muscles and saw a quad muscle return. But Im still only 4 months post so that could've been anything and im still working on ambulation stuff at home but I would recommend getting on it.

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    Gate training w/FES

    I'm planning to spend next summer somewhere in the US to get gait training. As such, I'm getting into the details of Locomat vs. Treadmill gate training w/FES. These seem to be mutually exclusive as I can'T find a Locomat facility that uses FES. I believe I read a post in CC that recommended gate training w/FES very highly. I believe that post was from Dr. Wise.

    I just spoke w/a Locomat therapist who said using FES w/Locomat voids the warranty.

    My obvious question, who is providing gate training w/FES?
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    I have the lokomat pro with augmented feedback for peds as well as adults. At my facility in San Diego we do not use FES. IMHO FES can accomplish a lot when it comes to preventing osteoporosis and maintaining muscle mass, so if this is your goal I think it may work very well for you. We do not use FES because we are focused on Gait training and active participation (something that the locomat pro with feedback provides). I also feel that FES may confuse the nervous system (this is just a theory with absolutely nothing to back it up). Good luck everyone with your endeavors.

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    The GT-1 Gait Trainer does have an FES option, however I am not sure it is available in the US. I can find out where it is available inside the EU.
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