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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    Pushing Boundaries is Redmond WA now has a Lokomat up, running, and open to the public.

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    There is now also a Lokomat in Vancouver, BC (close to Seattle also) run by NeuroMotion Physio. (604) 833 7063. My brother just started using the Lokomat there.

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    That's awesome! Do you mind me asking what happened to your brother?

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    mysterious virus

    About 4 years ago he fell into a state of status epilepticus - cause is still unknown to this day but it is some sort of mysterious virus. It hit him like a violent storm and left alot of damage. It was put into a medically induced coma for almost 3 months and finally the doctors gave and said they would have to take him out of the coma and he would a) continue to have seizures and die or b) live in a vegetative state. Anyway, after much prayer and tears, he was not either. He does have severe disabilities - one being he can't walk because of the brain injury - but he can do alot of things that they said he never would be able to do. He still has a long way to go, including starting the lokomat therapy this year, but we will not give up until we are satisified he has done the best he can to rehabilitate. Never give up.


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    I have found a new list of facilities equipped with a Lokomat and have changed the link in the first post. If you work for, or have attended a facility not listed, please post the location and a link when possible.
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    There is at least two in Norway, too. In the SCI hospital and in one rehab outside Oslo
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    Exclamation New Lokomat Pro located in south Florida

    NEUROXCEL Corporation is a research and development company committed to improving the lives of individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI) or other neurological disorders. NEUROXCEL provides its clients the opportunity to recover their greatest possible degree of recovery and personal independence by providing cutting-edge technologies, gait strengthening equipment and one of the most comprehensive activity-based strength training programs available.

    We just got our new Lokomat Pro in last month. We are the first facility located in south Florida that features the Lokomat Pro that is available for training sessions to individuals with spinal cord injury.

    Please view our web site below:
    Neuroxcel: "Removing limits one step at a time"

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    dr Wise, SCI-Nurse, anyone, ... knows/have a research paper about the benefits of Lokomat or FES bike in SCI?

    I'll be very interested to read about those machines, especially in SCI cases.

    many thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by cypresss View Post
    dr Wise, SCI-Nurse, anyone, ... knows/have a research paper about the benefits of Lokomat or FES bike in SCI?

    I'll be very interested to read about those machines, especially in SCI cases.

    many thx
    Not many scientifically studies as for the Locomat there is, but some are studying which will prove either, in a post-rehab setting study. Papers later.

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    I am located in San Diego and I have a Locomat Pro with Biofeedback module and PEDIATRIC module.

    Given the current data on weight supported ambulation I do not believe that any device should be marketed as a "cure" for paralysis. There are many benefits to weight supported ambulatory training devices (decrease in osteoporosis, improved circulation, feelings of well-being...). In my opinion, robots and machines are assitive machines to an overall therapy plan and should not be relied upon in isolation. I have been impressed with latest studies for the locomat Pro in Cerebral Palsy, M.S. and Stroke. I also feel their is great promise for parkinsons as well. In regards for SCI, I feel that the locomat PRO model is superior to the Locomat BASIC model or Manual Assistance as this device has the ability to vary assistance with each stride effort with active biofeedback. Again, this is my opinion.

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