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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    @ Oconnor, if you were getting skin breakdown then the staff did not know what the hell they were doing. In the acute stages of stroke the lokomat is a great device to help with flexibility, bring about awareness, and help with strength. It has to be used with good PT RIGHT after the session to be most effective.

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    Lokomat Vienna

    I'm a physiotherapist and I'm looking for a pediatric lokomat - therapy in or near vienna.
    Are there any sites in internet for an easy search?
    Does anybody know where I can find pediatric lokomats in or near vienna?

    Please help me!

    Yours, MAD

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    Lokomat in or near Vienna

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
    I have found a new list of facilities equipped with a Lokomat and have changed the link in the first post. If you work for, or have attended a facility not listed, please post the location and a link when possible.
    Please tell me where I can find the list of facilities... I couldn't find it... your link in the first post doesn't work!?

    Thank you, sincerelly
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    Lokomat Location

    We have a Lokomat in use at Journey Forward in Canton, MA.

    Here is the link for our program -

    Looking forward to seeing anyone who is in the area!


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    Here is a link to a pediatric and adult Lokomat PRO in San Diego california

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    They have a Lokomat and a full comprehensive (researched-backed) strengthening program at Neuroxcel which is located in Palm Beach, Florida. I myself, had excellent results at Neuroxcel and watched a ton of other people get incredible results. One of the best facilities I've gotten to train at.

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    We have a lokomat at our center in Pleasanton, CA (Northern California).

    Here is a link to our program and our number (925) 846-1848

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    San diego has a pediatric and adult LOKOMAT PRO with augmented feedback 858-689-9643

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    I have a lokomat cubus for sale if anyone is interested contact me at

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