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Thread: My new Product- Website for you

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    Hi all

    I have started my new business related to web development, various softwares and services for every industry and spreading resellers & customers worldwide. My company started in february. Our product was published in 2 leading newspapers of india.

    I have 15 people team of programmers, designers, marketing ppl and customer care.

    I am veryyy happy to be independent financially and wanted to share in CC Thank to god always to make my life as beautiful as he can.Just wanted by CC friends to be positive- God is with us..

    Visit my website and drop your feedback here. I will be really glad and happy to receive from my CC friends.

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    Looks good, and I wish you continued success! Are you aiming primarily at the Indian market? I see a few awkward usages of English but they may be the way you talk over there. If you ever feel you need help with the English phrases feel free to post here and I (and others, no doubt) would love to help as best we could.

    I hope you kick butt with your business!

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    Thanks betheny...i will be pleased to know that wrong "phrases"

    We are covering world wide market..we already have resellers of our product in London , Usa and many in process...would yo like to be our associate It would be my pleasure...

    Thanks for your feedback and do drop me abt will be helpful for my site.

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    Congratulations and good luck, Shweta!

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    Thanks Dan )...
    We already reached our target ...250 customers in 4 months..we have abroad customers also bcos dynamic website are costly in abroad. they charge $14 every month but we charge only $ 39 with webdesigning and web editor.

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