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Thread: Acronyms used on this site

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    SP - Supra pubic (catheter)
    CIC - Clean Intermittent Catheterization
    NTD - Neural tube defect
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    FUD = Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
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    coolbreeze c6/7

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    HHA - Home Health Aide
    MD - Masters Degree
    LOA - List of acronyms

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    Actually, MD stands for Medical Doctorate.

    MS is Master of Science, and MA is Master of Arts

    A couple of others you may not know:
    DNSc = Doctorate in Nursing Science
    DNP = Doctorate in Nursing Practice
    ND = Nursing Doctorate


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    PIA = pain in the ass
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    A Good start in the morning for me was reading all of these. I learned a lot and even had some good laughs. Thanks to all!

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    I just hate abbreviations. Sure, it's a quick way to get something down on paper or, a computer screen but, it always leaves me wondering what it means if I am not familar with the abbreviation. A recent example of this is the use of IT. It stands for ischial tuberosity, the portion of the boney promenance that we usually sit on. Thought I would start a thread to get more meanings of these abbreviations that are used frequently. Please feel free to add to this list. We might even be able to get a glossary of terms, if one hasen't already been started.

    BP= Blood pressure
    BP= Bowel program
    vs= vital signs
    SCI= Spinal cord injury
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    The only abbreviations I try to avoid are STD's and DOA's. I'm glad I don't work for the FBI,CIA,DNR, or DOT agencies. Think I'll take it easy today and watch some M.L.B. on ESPN, CBS, or NBC on the 'ol T.V. Well GTG so I'll TTYL. H.A.N.D!!!!
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    Be real. Put an ad in the misc ads in any paper for IT help and no one will show up with a hip bone.
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