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Thread: Portable hand controls

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    Quote Originally Posted by richwelsh63
    I have a set from wheelabilty and I think their great I oinly used them twice. I got them because we were going on a trip. I'm thinking about selling them. I paid $350 for them. $45 was overnight delivery! They are still in great shape and I sell them if anyone is interested let me know!
    I do have a question.. how does the gas works.. Do you have to push down towards your legs to accelerate and push forward for breaks?

    I might be interested in? What is the price in your mind?


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    I've got a set of army cot legs I've been using for driving for several years now.
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    Wow RB

    that looks kinda scary.

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    After finding this site, then seeing links to several hand control providers, the set I have are basically no different. They attatch with wire that hooks in the back, wont come off unless you unhook them. Only problem I ever had was when the wife tried to put them back on, I didnt check and the one for the gas came off. Kinda grew up with making do with what you had.
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    anyone interested in selling or renting the equipment? I am leaving for a vacation..


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    peddlemaster has the thing licked ...the controls have a "grab" mechanism at the peddle end and a pull device at the top operates the grab so you don't have to even bend over...install takes 30 seconds (no kidding)!
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    Thought I'd give this thread a 'bump' - I'm interested in getting some portables because I really don't wanna blow $1400 on new controls for the vehicle I just bought for my wife. We only plan to keep it for a few years while we pile up some cash, and the vehicle is only worth $3600.
    Seems like Wheelability was the most recommended portable set, but I was wondering what people thought of the new Colours AZ-1 available on SportAid. How different are they from the Z4 and Wheelability? What was it about hte Wheelability that you preferred?

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    Taziar I designed a set of hand controls. They are protably and take about a minute to install and are very safe an durable. I have been using them on my 1970 chevelle for over a year now and on my 2003 gmc sierra. I use quality metals and get all the welding done at a metal manufacturing company that my brother manages. I sell mine for 200 plus shipping. Mine work better than the other portable ones I have seen because you initiate the gas by pulling on a lever like you would on a bicycle to press the brakes. You simply pull on the lever an that pushes that gas down. Then you push down on the other lever to press the brake pedal in. There isn't a lot of strain on your thumb like the other portable hand controls out there. If you would like some pics send me a message and I can provide them for you.

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