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Thread: Caregiver Pay

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    Caregiver Pay

    What can I pay a PCA Per Hour in Texas?

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    Is this private pay or through a state/county funded program? I imagine you CAN pay whatever you want...the bigger question is what you need to pay in order to recruit and retain decent attendants.

    I don't know about Texas, but in Southern CA the going rate for private pay is $14-20/hr, but if you are using IHSS (the state/county program for Medicaid recipients) they only pay $8.75/hr. in my county (and no benefits, either).


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    Yes this is private pay.. Exactly, good help is hard to find.. Hmm.. I don't know what number to shoot out. $8-10/hr??

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    It depends on who you are finding to assist you, people with no medical training or an RN. A registered nurse or LPN would be practically impossible to find for private pay home care, but it does happen, I've had a few over the years.

    In my area, and my PCAs, little to no training and CNA I start out at about 11-12 per hour. Licensed nurses, LPN/RN, start at about 15-17 per hour. Again, there aren't any benefits and you may need to think about taxes since you are basically paying an employee.

    My situation is unique that my private insurance allows me to hire attendants and get reimbursed for their pay. I didn't catch your injury level, but I'm a C2/3 vent dependent quad, so I have to have 24/7 care with the vent and related issues, so that's why I do have some licensed nurses.
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    I made sure my girls taking $10.50 an hour. I also have to train them, no health benefits. C3 complete quad. So basically I have 24/7... live about 60 miles above New York City. Very difficult to find somebody compatible commonsense & to do the things the way you would or want them done.

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    C5 -- Here..

    I guess I can start off with 10usd/hr? maybe start with $9.

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    My aid gets paid about $12/hr for 31 hrs/wk. As of next week, I'm reducing my hrs because I find myself doing much of her work. Working on aid #4 within the last yr. They always start off perfect, but work quality diminishes greatly after they've worked w/ you for awhile, which can get pretty annoying. BUT, I did maintain my first aid for over 3 yrs so I guess all arent that bad. Good luck in your search
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    Just remember to always be aware of what they are doing, especially when you can't see them. We've found rug burns from aids smoking, I have a strict no smoking on duty rule, you would think that would be obvious with a vent dependent quad. Just last night I had an incident with a caregiver I've had for about 21 years, so never be off your guard, it could have long lasting consequences.
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    You can also check with your local ILC to see what the market price is for a decent attendant in your area. While IHSS pays only $8.75 here, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get quality workers for that, esp. with the CA costs of living. It is much easier to recruit in the $12-14/hour range.

    Another option is to offer a job not based on hourly wage but on the work. For example, list your AM care needs in detail, and state that you will pay $40 for that care each time (of course done according to your specifications). If they get done in 2 hours, they make $20/hr. If they get done in 3 hours, it is $13.33 per hour, so it is to their benefit to be as efficient as possible in getting your care done.

    For live-in full-time, it is rarely an hourly wage, but more likely a daily or weekly or even monthly salary that does not vary.

    There are pros and cons of each system. You may want to try a variety to find what works best for your needs.


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    I'm lucky in the fact my pca has been with me for 15yrs! no complaints, shows up on time everyday, doesn't faulter in the work. I pay him $16 an hour, I know it's a little more than the norm, but it quality work. I just wish I could find 3 more just like him. I'm in Tx btw.

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