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Thread: Just bought a house..

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    Nice house Jeff, it's beautiful! Love the new dock, it looks nice and roomy, quite big. I bet you and your family are getting real excited to move in! Good luck!

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    Mazel Tov.
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    Looks great, I love the lakeside pics. Please keep us posted as the mods are put in place. My wife and I are looking at moving too, hopefully yet this summer, as our current house is terribly inaccessible for me. Good luck with the move!

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    MAN that is smooth Jeffr0! One burning question though...
    When you throw the 2 day moving in party, are you going to email me ahead of time or do you just want my phone number??

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    Jeff this looks amazing! When are you gonna have us all over?

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    I don't want to just come to a party, I want to move in!

    It looks like you have plenty of room for two more people. And two dogs. And 4 cats.... And one rabbit.

    Looks fabulous!!!!

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    thats a great house jeff! you gonna live there by yourself? thats a lot of property to maintain. best of luck!

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    I love it, great find, enjoy it, you desevre it

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    Beautiful Jazzy, good luck and have fun. Georgia looks like an excellent place to live. Hope there is good fishing bro.
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    Awesome place man, congrats!
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