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Thread: Just bought a house..

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    Hey man that looks great!
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    Congratulations on your new digs. The place looks great!

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    Jeff, that looks idyllic.

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    beautiful place jeff.what kind of fish you can catch there?
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    awsome house jeff catch a big one for us
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    Thanks again everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing

    You could always build a funicular. How do you currently get down to the docks?

    Currently I can't get down, but I haven't moved in either. I can assure you that I did my homework before purchasing it. It took several trips down there from my builder, myself, and the county to make sure a pathway could be done. Obviously had it not been able, I would still be looking for another house.

    As far as a funicular, I did get 2 quotes. The 1st one came in at $70,000 and the 2nd at just over $50,000. Not that I considered it, but got to thinking what if I had a mechanical failure while I was down or one period. I couldn't access it until.....? The pathway just makes more sense as I'll get a golfcart that can carry 4 ppl. to ride. I even had my elevator guy call to get the ''kit'' to try and save $$ on travel and lodging, but it would still be over 50K. Those systems are not something for just anyone to try and build.

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    very nice , congrats. it's great having a fishing spot in your backyard.
    oh well

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    Very nice Jeff, waterfront homes are the way to go!
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    sweet jethro. consider a premade roll in shower. when i built my condo my architect friend reccomended it over tile. 0 maintenance...i had 2 heads and controls put in. i think it was 2700 rep
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    Hi Jeff,
    Place looks great far as getting down to the water have you thought about a 4x4 chair ?? i'm on 100acs driveway is about 1 klm long and the last 100 meters or so is pretty 4x4 chair gets up no worries..

    or you could go this way..could come in handy with 4 acs

    I'm selling a terracat if your interested ?? long drive from Australia thought..

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