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Thread: Benefits for People with Disability

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    november, My work insurance will not cover him then. At this time insurance seems more important than more help with school. He was accepted by DVR and will see about maybe some help with tuition. The reason he is going out of state is the school is more accessable and not as large as the State schools here. We will work it out somehow thanks for all your suggestions. I was just hoping we covered all our bases. Sounds like we have.

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    Glad VR will help!
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    Also, please keep in mind if you have not already. That he most likely will need to apply to the DVR in the state where he is attending college. This might allow more assistance for things they feel necessary. Typically, they will review the plan laid out by the previous state and then add things state specific. I know my brother was able to get assistance even with gas to and from PT while at college in a different state.
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    what kind of programs are out there to help someone that is working but can't afford some things...are there any grants?????? I am wanting a handcycle to improve my health.

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    Challenge Athletes Foundation

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    I get LTDI and SSDI via work and government. Am pretty sure the LTDI goes until 65. Initially injured I had STDI, but this only lasted a number of days. Do not remember how many. All of what I said here IS based on not workkng. I am pretty sure, if I even went back to work I still get the disability income for a fixed number of days based on a temporary back to work or permanent.

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    For retirement purposes, whenever retirement should come to those of us living with disability, a Special Needs Trust can be a good idea if funds are available. The funds from such a trust can cover everything from housing costs to transportation needs to annual vacations and do not affect disability payments.

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    Canada has the Registered Disability Savings for that ... it's an excellent deal though it's difficult to plan for the unknown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth422 View Post
    what kind of programs are out there to help someone that is working but can't afford some things...are there any grants?????? I am wanting a handcycle to improve my health.
    In Iowa, there is the "Iowa Works" program whose charter includes helping people with jobs keep working. They helped pay for my wheelchair van.

    Don't know if your state has something similiar....

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    I receive ssi and ssdi because i was injured (tetra) when i was 16 years old.i recentely started receiving ssdi because my father retired a couple years back and am eligible because of his work credits...i never had a job because i was injured so young..i am 30 years old now and have a son of my own... I tried filing to get my son his children's benefits but was denied because i do not have any work credits...i live in Texas and don't know all the rules and overtime i do read through them i get more confused. My sons mother though has worked her whole life but is not the disabled one. My question is can i file for my sons benefits under his mothers work credits? Also i receive next to nothing from ssdi is it worth my time to try and hire a lawyer to get an increase in my ssdi check?

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