Tami--I'm very sorry to hear this difficult and sad dx for your daughter. On the plus side, as long as your daughter worked and paid into the SS system prior to her injury, she'll be entitled to her benefits, know as Social Security Disability Income. These benefits become effective five months following injury. I would imagine the hospital social worker has already assisted your daughter in making application for both SSDI and/or SSI? Sadly though, SSDI is only the income portion of benefits. Her medical (Medicare), requires a TWO year waiting period, that does not start until after her five month SSDI period ends. Your daughter should discuss her situation with the a social worker to see if she fits the income guidelines for MEDICAID--a medical insurance program for low income individuals.

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My daughter hasn't recieved her soc. sec. and has no income she is 25 with no children. The Dr. did an MRI and said she had a Syrnex and had to get it fixed, and when we called her surgeon and said she had no insurance or job they said that was a problem.

I don't know what to do, she is waiting for her hearing date for soc. sec. and her mood is very low.
She has had a cold and coughing isn't helping he problem and I am very worried.
I want to scream at the system!
If anyone knows where we can go, please let me know, we live about one hour from St. Louis or three from Sprinfield Il. but I will take her anywhere.

Thank you