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Thread: which is the most longevive animal on earth?

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    My money is riding on Nessy the "lochness monster" for both questions. she's real enough. they've got this footage of her throwing a pick-up through the air.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    bravo jim d.
    What about this elephant tortoise?,2933,188994,00.html
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    chuck norris. obv.

    "ιn ѕoмe wayѕ ι love everyтнιng. ιт’ѕ leѕѕ oғ a тнιng тнan 'lιĸe'…leѕѕ dιѕтιncт. leѕѕ…parтιcυlar. ι lιĸe тнιngѕ тнaт ι lιĸe вυт ι love everyтнιng. тнere’ѕ мore cнoιce ιn ‘lιĸe’. вecaυѕe even тнe worѕт тнιngѕ нave тнιngѕ тo love ιn тнeм. ι love тнιngѕ ѕo мυcн ι ғeel lιĸe ι coυld ғloaт away."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny
    What about this elephant tortoise?,2933,188994,00.html

    Looks like we may have a winner!

    Anybody else?

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