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Thread: Preparation H and digital stimulation

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    Preparation H and digital stimulation

    When my 'roids get quite swollen during a stooling session and I still need digital stimulation to evacuate the last mucous clot and stool, is it OK to use Preparation H instead of KY Jelly to lubricate the finger? Thanks.

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    Yes, this is fine. Remember though that Preparation H only decreases the inflammation and sooths the hemorrhoids. It does not treat them or make them get better.


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    Thats a great question I've been using Anusol for years as a lube when inserting the sup, so that the ole hemi's are shrunk when its time to hit the commode.

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    KLD, What do you suggest to treat roids? I saw somewhere a suppository, I don't want to use that, which creme or ointment?

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    If they are bad, then the only treatment that will make them go away is surgical. This can be sclerosing injections, surgery, or rubber banding. Since the ointments and suppositories are only paliative (improve discomfort but do not reduce or eliminate the hemorrhoid) they are mostly used for the pain, but will not cure the hemorrhoid or even make it smaller. The specific product used as an ointment or suppository is not as important as what relief it gives you.


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