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Thread: New power chair .. battery question/issue

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    New power chair .. battery question/issue

    Hi .

    I made a post awhile ago stating I got a new powerchair with mid-wheeldrive. It is a Quantum 610. I've had it for a week and have been charging it regularly, however,,the batteries just don't seem to last nearly as long as my old chair. I drove downtown today..which is about 2 miles one way. By the time I got downtown my chair was already halfway dead. I looked around for awhile (about an hour) and it got even I took the bus back. By the time I got back to my house my chair was almost dead. This is really worrying considering I'm going back to college soon..which requires alot of usage. My other chair was also alot naturally I'd assume this one would hold a longer charge. Now as I said, I've had it for about a week and have been charging it regularly. Could the batteries not be broken in yet? Do you think these just won't last as long? Is there any alternative battery that would last longer? I use my chair alot, so i'd really want batteries to hold a longer charge.


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    battery problems

    Joe, this my thought; either one or both of your batteries have a bad cell. your vendor can check this. i'm a believer in only charging my batteries when i'm done for the day. that way i'm sure the charging cycle is complete when i disconnect. another thing, your vendor can put a tester on your new chair and check for faults. maybe you have a motor that is bad requiring to much battery.
    hope this helps...

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    Definitely get them tested. If one has a bad cell you're basically running on one battery.

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    Thanks everyone, that does help. I was reading the manual, and under batteries and charging it says that if you charge it up nightly, it should give you a day of service. I'd think that like 3 hours is hardly a day of service, so I'd be willing to bet that you're right and one of the batteries has a problem. I'll call the wheelchair place on monday when they're open..and hopefully this will get fixed . I use my chair too much to have it dying in just a few hours.

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