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Thread: Magnesium citrate - effects (feedback pls)

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    Magnesium citrate - effects (feedback pls)

    I'm posting this question here in CARE in new topic since this was not recieving many responses buried in another topic, except from Carl (thx).

    How fast does a full bottle (10oz) of mag citrate work?

    Seems from responses on some previous posts, it may begin taking effect and moving bowels next day from taking it- 12 hrs? and continuing for another day or 2?

    I am supposed to take a full bottle 1 day and another full bottle the next day.
    Egad! so with 2 10oz. bottles on consecutive days, I am looking at sitting on toilet for 4-5 days straight?! (I'm waiting, planning to schedule best time to do this)

    I remember drinking a gallon of "go lightly" (stronger than MC) for surgery and don't remember it being so bad (except for the drinking part- ick, and some nausea).

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    copying reply by Carl to this question taken from LIFE: "Magnesium veeery careful"
    Originally posted by Carl R:

    Usually works in about eight hours for me. The few times I have taken it, I have taken it at bedtime and do BP the next morning. Usually one bottle is plenty and flushes everything out for me but I wouldn't get too far away from a bathroom.

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    Chick, why are you taking this prep?

    Mag citrate is a powerful laxative, similar to Golytely. It generally will start to work within 4-8 hours, and the effects can last up to 12 hours for most people. It should be reserved for severe constipation or impaction, or for bowel preps prior to surgery or colonoscopy or similar tests.


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    I have been irregular for the past 2 months - usual routine: (was) every other day with very regular bm's and no accidents.
    BUT past 2 months, having freq. bm - needing to go daily, or else having bm and some AD with full bowel.
    <LI> No activity or diet changes, except drinking more decaf coffee (problem started same time switched to coffee from tea). Tea had more caffeine w/no effect, and previously did drink more coffee, incl caffine, w/no effect on bowels. Restriction of coffee seemed to reduce bm a bit, but still not clear why the effect on bowels now when never before.
    <LI> Recent visit w/dr, nurse and reviewed possible factors- stress, diet, other health issues, (ie body still healing from burns which was reason for visit, but was present months before bowel problems).
    <LI> Sx's: nausea and vomiting a couple times, but seems more related to esophagitus, with burning/pain in chest/throat also; and AD/accidents, as noted above.

    Hard to target bowel problems, due to confounding issues and symptoms, but
    x-ray showed constipation/intestines full with stool - I've got "stool for days" per Dr., despite doing BP that am.
    * Not "feeling" constipated except when about to have/having bm on off BP days.

    Anyway, Dr. recommended the Mag citrate- 2 bottles for 2 consecutive days to clear me out.

    BP routine:
    Daily, at times every 2 days (for the past month)
    Using half of magic bullet for BP + dig stim
    No meds. (haven't taken any for years)

    I plan to continue with daily BP until I feel regulated and safe to go back to every other day.

    So, there's the history. I wanted feedback on mag citrate effects, to know how to plan when to take it and arrange for help (I live alone).

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    KLD, do you think taking 2 bottles (as described below) will cause some problems?

    Aware of possible dehydration, so know to take in lots of fluids.

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    It is drastic, but will clean you out. Take plenty of fluids, and be sure to protect your skin on your buttocks from the liquid stools it is likely to cause. My personal preference for an impaction is Lactulose (1 tablespoon every 2 hours until you have large bowel movement).


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    I found that within an hour it will start to cause your lower intestine to fill with fluid, causing the desired effect. Another time I played with it, it took about 5 hours, I think it depends how corked up you are. To start I would start checking what is going on after 1 hour of drinking it. You can also use the listening for gurgling method to guage its effect. If memory serves, checking every 4 hours or so after the initial explosion is a good idea to see if there are more 'results'. I think that a day after the last dosing the effects of mag citrate should wear off judging from my 2 experiences playing with this stuff. Good luck!

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    Well, I had an exciting weekend. bleh!

    Drank bottle Friday night at 6 pm and didn't start working til next am around 6 am, and ONLY after using a supp. Did a little (less than normal BP would result), but more runny. Had a tiny BM around noon Sat. but since not really doing as expected, decided to take the 2nd bottle around 1 pm. Well, nothing until later that evening after 9 pm, and only after dig stim release the 'explosion' (geez, fun stuff we talk about, eh?) But even that wasn't that much. Did regular BP Sun and Mon am, not big results. So pretty little considering what showed on X-ray. I'll be following up with doc soon, but really doesn't seem to have had big effect on bowels, but I'll see how routine goes from this point on.

    Ques: does senna used very occasionally have long-term effects (negative)? Will it help empty entire system or just what is already along end of colon?
    I stopped taking peri-colace and senna years ago (as I did also ditopan and baclofen), and even when I was taking it, only did so veeeeery occasionally 'as needed' and not sure how much they helped. I think they had somewhat desired effect, but can't be sure.

    Andy, what are you doing to induce your explosions, washing down firecrackers with the mag cit??

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    Have you tried miralax?

    I've been hospitalized a couple of times due to no poop.I was getting dehydrated from profuse sweating etc. Xrays showed an impaction but my gastro guy said..lets try everyting before we crack you open.

    It has been a miracle for me.

    I take it when things slow down, not on a reg basis. My routine does consist of senna and a supp though.

    Good luck.

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