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    Well, I can post a question now about Jesse since he probably wont be reading on CC for a while. But he woke up extremely dizzy this morning and said he almost fell out of bed. Could this be SCI related? Is it something he needs to go to the doctor for?

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    Jo, I don't know about it being SCI related but has he had any sinus problems or a head cold? I had this problem really bad a couple of weeks ago and it was a sinus infection affecting my ears and it made me so dizzy the room would spin.

    Hope he feels better soon.

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    He could have just been really dehydrated in the morning. Some OJ mixed with a bit of salt will work to boost his blood pressure.

    Don't worry, she'll hold together. You hear me, baby? Hold together.

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    Thanks for the responses. Now I get to pretend the idea of the OJ/salt or a possible sinus infection is all my idea since he would give me so much s*it if he knew I worried enough to post something in here. I am thinking the dehydration might be the trouble. He is use to drinking alot of water but since he has been home, maybe he has been on the go too much to think about drinking. Thanks for the advice.

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    What is his level of injury? Was he actually dizzy while laying down, or only when he sat up to transfer? If the latter, does he wear an abdominal binder, elastic hose, or take medications to prevent orthostatic hypotension? Is he on any new meds? Does he have anything to drink before getting out of bed in the AM?

    I would avoid the OJ with salt until we learn more about the conditions under which this occured.


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    He is C7 incomplete, 2 years. Yes, he was dizzy when he layed down. He hasnt worn anything at all like binders or elastic hose. No meds. except bladder meds. No new meds. And no, he doesnt have anything to drink before getting up in the morning. Since I posted my question, I decided to take him to the doctor since he called me and said he didnt feel good, but ended up refusing to go to the clinic. Shortly after that, he ended up getting very sick in his stomach and so far is still feeling ill. Maybe a touch of the flu? He said he has been drinking water as usual also. Hopefully this will all be over with in a day or so. Thanks.

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    Dizziness when laying down is rarely due to SCI related problems. It is more likely an inner ear infection or the flu with what you describe. He should still see his physician ASAP and get it checked out though.


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