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Thread: Life Insurance Co. - Need some help!!

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    Life Insurance Co. - Need some help!!

    I was hoping some of you might know of an Life Insurance Company whose not biased. A company that won't say no to a quad. I turned 50 and my carrier raised my premium 17.5% without telling me

    I'm in good health and don't drink or smoke. But I am a SCI for 30 years

    Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    Are you talking about life insurance or health insurance? Our health insurance jumped when my husband turned 50. It's the norm. He will be 60 soon. We are expecting another skyrocketing premium for his birthday present.

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    Sorry Life Insurance

    I should have been more clear
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    Before I retired from working I knew I would lose 85% of my life insurance upon retirement. I sought private life insurance while I was still employed (around age 50) and was able to get a policy from NY Life at the smokers' rate. I'm not sure if it was a good deal or not, but at least my family has some security and I have peace of mind.

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    Check with State Farm....I had 'em before I was injured but once I was considered disabled they had a clause to cover my premiums....I dunno what they do if you are already dis tho...
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