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Thread: No more big hills for me...

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    No more big hills for me... least no more big hills with a street at the end of them.

    I almost met my demise on Tuesday. I know some of you know my love for ramps and hills, well I met a hill that I couldn't stop on. It was the drive way up to the parking lot which met it lead into a street. Not a busy one, but with cars nonetheless. I'm at the top and I say daddy watch for cars. I'm such a big kid sometimes. He's like ok - no ones coming. I didn't think the hill was as steep as it was, but I was motoring and next thing I hear dad say is CAR! STOP! CAR!!! Well, I couldn't stop as much as I tried to. The rubber on my wheels was burning my hands and next thing I know is I'm flying into the middle of the street with a car just a couple of feet from hitting me. He wasn't going that fast, but he had to stop quickly and I probably gave that poor old man a heart attack and it scared the shit out of my dad. I couldn't stop until I was in the opposite lane - so I went across 4 lanes roughly. I still had fun going down it. Dad made me take the walk way the rest of the trip. He was shaking his head at me and said no more. I never want to see that again!! I thought I would be picking you up and calling an ambulance. Talk about a quick way to get to the front door. At least he could joke about it a little bit.

    It really didn't look all that steep and dad even thought I would be able to stop on it. I misjudged it. That's my fault. The daredevil in me sure likes the speed though. I need to find a safer way of getting the wind to rush through my hair. I won't attempt that again unless there is a looooooong sidewalk at the end for me to cruise down. I'm safe and I know it could have been a lot worse.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Dang Girl, gotta stop scaring old geezerz, it ain't kewl !
    remember, the steeper the hill, the less weight on those rear wheels and that means less stopping ability.
    Hey, there are better ways to become a hood ornament

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    Yiiikes! I'm pretty new to this wheelchair stuff myself, and I've misjudged some hills and even ended up flat on my face a couple times, but never in the road! Live (hopefully!) and learn, glad everything worked out okay!

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    look! Dallas Cowboys' colors!

    we gotta work on your Frogger skills.

    stay safe

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    In my 12 years I have yet to fall out of the chair. *knock on wood* That one on Tuesday was close though. Might have to look into Scott's cool looking helmet idea. Props to him for paying attention on my color choices.

    What do Froggers do?
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Whoa, you've never played Frogger? It's a video game where you (the little froggie) have to dodge cars and get on logs and turtles to get to the top of the screen. I used to be addicted...but man, I was good! It's been years since I've played it now.

    I'll look for a picture....

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    Frogger was great. right up there with DigDug!

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    George Costanza: frogger world champion.

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    OK. I have played Frogger. I'm horrible at it!! My froggies die quickly!

    I thought Scott was referring to a wheelchair part or something. Yeah. Spaced that one out!
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Just put wore out bearing in your front casters and your front wheels will start shaking so bad that you won't be able to fast. Makes for a rough ride though.

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