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Thread: Online computer classes

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    Online computer classes

    I am looking to go back to school online for some sort of computer classes, not sure what aspect, any recomendations on the best online schools for computers?

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    Lots of community colleges do have computer classes and lots of degrees are obtainable over the internet these days.

    For example: I am in NC and our community college has several degrees that you can get via computer

    My daughter will do all her general ed here for transfer to four year university later.
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    I'll be teaching intro level classes (Office 2007 and Visual Basic) online this fall through Dakota State University ( We were named the best public comprehensive college in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report magazine's annual analysis of "America's Best Colleges 2007."

    And I just saw that you're in SoDak. You could take them through NSU.

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    this site has nothing to do with a school, but for learning various systems/applications, their content is great:

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    what aspect of computers interest you?
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    Not sure I would like to be able to build web sites, and work on latest greatest technology type things.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by redroc2
    Not sure I would like to be able to build web sites, and work on latest greatest technology type things.....
    Whatever you choose, be smart and check the marketability of the skills you are learning. There are a million web designers out there willing to do sites for next to nothing, for example. You should really scour job posting sites and make notes of the skills that are most often requested. They may not be the most interesting things to you, but when you start floating your resume around, you'll be thankful for the research you did early on!

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