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Thread: CCleaner file, etc. cleaner

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    CCleaner file, etc. cleaner

    While reading a computer forum from a Google search link for how to modify my Sunbelt Personal Firewall popup blocker settings, I came accross a download for the CCleaner (CrapCleaner), downloaded and installed it.

    The homepage has a "Tour" option (which I didn't take until later) that explains all about the app.

    The basic cleaner function is very rapid and now, having done it, my system is running much faster than it was. I have had to supply username and password info for CC and my YahooMail accts. but that's all so far... and eBay is loading all my stuff much faster - I think an indication that eBay had a lot of tracking and other cluttering crap that the cleaner removed.
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    its good to run multiple progs back to back instead of just one, like ccleaner, avg, avis, housecall, spybot, hijackthis and ad-ware all in safe mode except the "housecall". They're all free by the way and better than norton if you get zone labs "zone alarm" firewall. Also, CCleaner changed their name and is no longer "Crap" Cleaner.
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    ccleaner is a good app. i always keep it on my comp.

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    I use ccleaner as well and it's part of my routine computer maintence now.

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    I agree with Chess, run multiple programs. I use ad-aware, spybot and trojan remover.
    Best way to do this is to:
    1. Update all your programs first.
    2. Turn Off the System Restore
    3. Restart PC in Safe Mode.
    4. Once in Safe Mode, Scan your PC with the programs.
    5. Restart PC and then Turn On the System Restore.
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