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Thread: Facebook.

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    You'll never be friendless in these parts. Shouldn't you be out blowing stuff up like a good American tonight?

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    i'm on there, as are some other cc ppl. i'm too lazy tonight to find the old thread about it.

    here's my junk, yes w/ an intentionally cheesy pic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher
    Is there any way to set up a Carecure group? Is there one?
    sure... I just added one. Link:

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    I cannot - absolutely cannot - believe the people that contact you on Facebook.

    So many from my childhood before I became paralyzed have been placed on my 'friends' list and now we have daily contact. It's indescribable - like touching my old life that I couldn't touch anymore ... like these people are the bridge. I can't find the words.

    Get this - the first boy I ever kissed - who I used to ride Bus #4 with to school everyday just contacted me tonight wanting to know if I was the one who used to ride the bus with him and wants on my friend list.

    Too funny! And of course everyone is married with kids! (Two marriages are already over though).
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    I might have to look at Facebook. The only things I get on Myspace are the out of work hookers looking for friends. If I wanted that, I'd just go to our local strip club.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky
    I'm not a member of either, so I guess I'm friendless
    You? NEVER!!
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    I've met friends through every part of my life on Facebook. One even had some pics of me when I was 19 in Lake Louise! I posted them a while back. And she lives in....

    Windsor Ontario!

    The zombie and vampire and all the other apps bug the crap out of me, but I saw the IQ one on yours Lynnifer and I couldn't resist!

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    The zombies and vampires haven't gotten me either, but some apps I the horoscopes and fortune cookie. Oh and the visual bookshelf--that's my fav.

    I swear I never talk to my friends unless we're face to face. We either text or use FB...we're going to be the start of the degeneration of spoken language altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly
    You? NEVER!!
    Aw thanks Aly! I just signed up for facebook, if anyone wants to be my friend I'm at
    Christopher you're easy it automatically added you cause of my gmail account
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    Quote Originally Posted by CurlieQCarrie
    I swear I never talk to my friends unless we're face to face. We either text or use FB...we're going to be the start of the degeneration of spoken language altogether.
    Yes my dear but the written words we all share will live on forever! lol

    I hate facebook- all those new apps are too confusing, time-consuming, and just downright annoying. To me, facebook is like the kiddie version of myspace. Maybe it's the other way around for some people, and I can understand that, but overall I like myspace much better.

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