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Thread: Facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anban View Post
    personally, I'm a big fan of the !
    H'mmm, only one testicle!

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    As I didn't go thru all the pgs of this post- I did see a few ppl who cancelled their FB accounts or similar either cz of friends who weren't great friends and similar. The way the NEW FB is, you can choose who is a 'close friend' vs an 'aquaintance' and you can choose what photo albums are visable to each 'type' of friend you have- as well as your posts- and actually did you know they have groups-within FB for people with SCI's and disabilities?? If you search at the top, once you're logged in, as if you were searching for a friends name, you type in spinal cord injuries, or other similar type sayings, all the way at the bottom of that drop down is 'show all results' (or something similar it says) and a few groups come up- some with 600+ members in it- and I am SURE it will be easier for ppl if everyone has more friends that UNDERSTAND than don't, Just a thought. Being around people who understand, who make you laugh, is a great way to share, pass time, and enjoy online more than some of you are. or did.
    Just a thought- go check it out!

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    Been getting a few devo friend requests lately since I'm on a Facebook group that has to do with disability (Canadian Paraplegic Association - Ontario). So careful.
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    I always wind up w friend requests of ppl IDK or similar, and I accept them, then set them to a 'restricted' setting- which means- I can see ALL their posts, wall, can comment even etc, but they can't see an ounce of mine besides my prof pic- I think you may even be able to control who is allowed to post on your wall vs only read as well- so truly I am sure its easily controlled as long as you aren't mass accepting- Each person I accept depending on how/if/ etc I know them- bases what setting they get on my fb. most ppl are only 'aquaintance' OR you can do aquaintance and blocked, or just blocked- you can do alot and work with it. I think the majority of the probs w fb, are ppl keeping open ended photo albums of family/kids/disabilities/personal info like what TOWN you live in- things like that. And also- I dont click on any links that are run thru the feeds unless its one of my 'likes' or similar. Its an easy to control atmosphere as long as you stay atop of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    H'mmm, only one testicle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alhavel View Post
    I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity

    you all are silly!

    Anyone know Eli martin is? I think she's tied to add me a couple times now but she doesnt say who she is. she has some ccers as friends.
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky View Post
    I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity

    you all are silly!

    Anyone know Eli martin is? I think she's tied to add me a couple times now but she doesnt say who she is. she has some ccers as friends.
    I knew we had something in common.

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    User Beware

    To any one whom uses the Android Facebook application please re-read the term of agreement for the app.

    It sounds to me that Zuckerburg is making Rupert Murdock look like a choir boy.

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