There are many articles that have come out and are coming out that are trying to put us in the looney bin.

WE need to realize our half our age providers and even older ones that didn't work in the field are basically learning from the net.

This explains WHY so many providers instantly insist we need shrink therapy.

WE made a mistake when we opened up and said we hurt.
I know that is incorrect today to even think such a thing..but it was a mistake. THIS kind of media proves it.

The medical providers have nothing to offer so we are the ones that are nutso.

I am not saying don't go to medical providers. Just don't let them feed you to the wolves. Half of them know nothing about polio and the other half think they know everything. It's an orthopedic problem because neurology has NOTHING. It's not a psychological problem.

This study is a biased bunch of crap.
There were more than 4660 polio victims between 1922 and 1954. 4660 isn't a huge part of the population..even of those of us surviving today.

AND as their own study reports there were 19,017 people seeking mental health that were NOT victims of polio.

VERY VERY biased.
And the last words are dangerous to our liberty..supportive vigilance.

It's feeding the know nothing providers we are forced to use due to living so damn long and not actually going crazy. Beware and vigilant towards this damn stigma trying to put on US. Bite me Denmark.