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Thread: magic bullets

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    magic bullets

    does anyone know of where i can order these? they seem to be out of stock everywhere.

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    Another question.....Did I hear correctly that you can get the magic bullets without a prescription?

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    I got mine at
    no scrip needed.

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    When the factory was down over the first part of this year, you could only get magic bullets from a compounding pharmacy...for that, a prescription was needed. To get them directly from a dealer, when they are in stock as they should be now, you should not need a prescription.

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    These are like the original Magic Bullets and do not require a prescription (unlike the compounded version available for the last 6 months). We just recieved our first shipment at the hospital where I work the end of last week.

    It may take them a while to fill back-orders. According to their website they are only taking telephone orders currently.


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    I have a box of 100 you can have. I had ordered them earlier this year not knowing they would take 7 months to be back in stock. They were for my brother who,since I ordered them has realized they are too strong for him and cannot use them.

    If you would like them, please email me at

    They have an expiration date of 1/05, so you may not be able to use them all...

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    The MB are back in stock.

    "The magic bullet is back! Due to overwhelming demand we can only supply orders through telephone sales. 1.800.822.4050."

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