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    fes bike

    as soon as jodi gets back to rst i can ask her but it will be a couple of weeks

    anybody know or think of why the last couple of session on fes bike when it made active trans. it took about 15 min. to get around 86 then back down to 78 then slowly made way up to 100% it was an 45 min gettingto 100 % the ppower say 4.2 to 4.6 resistance set at 1.

    the next night it went to the 85 then down to 78 in about 15 min the up to 100 for about 3 min the slowly worked down to 90 92 for about 25 min the then down to 88 adain the power 4.2 4.6 the whole session.

    i ride the fes bike 7 day a week been on it jus about a yr. this is the first time its done this. i am assuming its good

    anyone ?

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    From what I know about the bike. it sounds to me like you are able to "beat" the stim now. Meaning that you no longer need 100% stim to get to your target rpm...this is good! You may want to have your settings adjusted to a higher level.

    I am assuming this is the RT-300..?

    Eric Harness, CSCS
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