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Thread: magic bullet -where to buy

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    magic bullet -where to buy

    im trying to find a place to buy the magic bullet in bulk , i found one online store that will sell a box of 100 for $42.00 .
    looking for a deal . thanks

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    That's a good price. I found them for that at eBay too. Just watch out for shipping fees.


  3. #3 has them for $41 and change. I think if you buy $100 of product, they do free shipping.

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    A Med sells them for a reasonable price.


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    $5 OFF $50 purchase @ Allegro -- buy by midnight!

    Get promo code here

    Magic Bullets are $41.20 + 8.95 shipping = $50.15. Add a low cost item you may need to your cart for total $50, and with $5 off, will be getting extra item for only a few more extra dollars.
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