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Thread: Survived !

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    Survived !

    Came back yesterday evening from Australia , found Kev all right & my heart went back in its original position (from my throat where it was lodged while I was away.)
    Needed to go (business) to Perth & we decided that I will only go so Kev does not disturb his physio ...etc patern so he can optimize the stem cells treatment resuls.
    I left him in Pree's Care ( his part time carer) and my mind was full of "what ifs".......? & how is he going to cope without me ?
    We both were so worried as we never been apart since Kev has had the accident 5 years ago.
    The feeling of relief that flooded through me when I saw him was undescribable.
    I don't think that I could repeat the experience any time soon ( my heart would not take it) but the knowledge that he would survive without me is very reassuring.
    This experience made me realise how much can be done in 48 hrs & how lucky we are to have the support of our wonderful family.
    Sorry about the long ramble but I wanted to share my joy of surviving our first separation.

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    That is so wonderful to hear. I completely and totally understand the gulp factor in leaving your loved one in someone else's care. It probably was good to get away for you, even with the stress of worrying about him, and now maybe you can do it more in the future for a break for you.

    I'm jealous - Australia! I would love to go, but have never had the chance.
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    I just want to say thank you to you both for sharing. I'm just starting on this journey and I'm still not sure what I'm doing. Hopefully my husband will be home from the hospital sometime in August. So when I hear your stories it helps and I know that I will be ok.

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    That is so great! I have yet to leave Don since his accident 2 years ago but I will be traveling in Sept for a weekend and then in Nov for 4 nights so your experience gives me hope!


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    There is no way that I could repeat the experience if I have a choice !
    In the 3 days that it took me to get back I slept 2 hrs & aged at least 5 years with worrying (trully). I could never thank our family enough for helping out with various tasks.
    I had cooked ,dished out ,& wrapped all his meals , the Carer had only to heat & serve but I still could not shake off the "what ifs...?"
    I could not repeat the event as @ the moment I am nursing a stress caused rash all over my body.
    I do admire people that can balance the caring and carer 's well being as both are very important .
    I simply don't function well if I don't have Kev in my proximal range .

    All the best everyone & look after yourselves!

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    were you born in romania?joking love respect and cook?DNA.
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