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Thread: Quickie Shark Handcycle

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    Quickie Shark Handcycle

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone have a Quickie Shark? I got mine about 2 months ago and love it. It rides smooth and shifts great, but it creaks. The squeeking is becoming more constant and is worse under load. It may just be the aluminum frame flexing, but i thought i would see if this is a common problem with these bikes.
    Also wondering if there are any organizations in my area for biking?

    Thanks in advance


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    I have a Quickie Shark S and I havent noticed any creaking at all. I would check around to make sure something isn't breaking. I would hate to be going 15 mph or more and the wheel falls off or something like that. Maybe the spokes in your wheels need to be tightened?

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    Thanks for the advise. Everything looks ok, it just seems like there is some flex under load (there are alot of hills where i ride). I've got 600 kilometers on it now and plan on puting allot more on before winter, i hope it holds together.

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    I have a Quickie Shark with the Y connection between the front and back. Do you have a solid frame or a 2 peice frame? If you have the 2 piece frame,do youhave the safety pin and lock? I received my handcycle minus the safety pin lock which would have been a very big issue if I didn't already know what it was supposed to have and look like.

    Who did you purchase from? I would notify them in advance to get my concern down in writing.
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    Yes i have the 2 piece as well, it has the lock pin to secure it. I got my bike through Shoppers Home Health Care and will let them know what's going on.



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