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Thread: Off to St Thomas and St Martin ya'll

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    Off to St Thomas and St Martin ya'll

    My first cruise!

    Will have photos for when I return, promise!!'

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    Don't be a ho, Joe.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    where are those promised photos??

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    cool places i have been there ...if you like to buy cheap suits [best quality]try st.martin .some products are cheaper than in usa.enjoy and have fun.use as well sun screen .
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    Photos please, you lucky bastard.
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    St. Martin

    Hope you had a chance to visit Orient Beach !!

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    Yes, photos are coming I promise! I am emailing my sister to send the ones her husband took on his digital. They were in the nightclub.

    I will get them this week!

    BTW, the Caribbean Princess is THE most accessible ship period. Every deck/room is accessible except the sports track on deck 19. Every bathroom has a HUGE accessible component with own sink and trash can. The only bummer are the rugs. I did not work up to being in the manual. I went from the TDK straight to the TiLite and MAN DID MY SHOULDERS KILL!!!

    St. Martin was nice, the Virgin Islands (at least what I saw on the tour are very poor) Skip the 3 hour accessible tour ride all together and just get to the main town within St. Thomas.
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    Joe, About the only accessible and accessibility places have been made or built from the profits of that accessible tour company or sponsors they have to truly pound the dirt to find. St Thomas is not subject to the ADA and when I was there not one public high school was accreditted for entry to a US college or university. It's poor for such a nicely situated and highly traveled tourist spot because about 95% of all stores and hotels send profits to Europe or the US. The book store in the area near the docks is locally owned also and has some terific books from local history, colonialism in the Caribbean and just great fiction. Oh, and lots of black history too. Besides the tour does end with banana daiquiris on the mountain top. <burp>
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    I have been to St Martin twice and neither time saw anything remtley to accesiable. The first time I went 15+ years ago it was beautiful, 3 years ago it looked like a casino hell just waiting for tourist and nothing else. I am sure St Thomas is much nicer.
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