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Thread: Decisions/cross roads

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    I have a job that requires travel on occassion. The travel is not really the difficult part although it does tire me a bit. What is fatiguing is what I do when I get to my destination. My days may be 7-10 pm with breakfast meetings and dinners added in.

    I have found that these things help when I have to travel
    • stay at a hotel chain that is consistant with accessibility,etc
    • get a fridge so I can have food, etc in my room
    • report late the day after I arrive home
    • always leave at the beginning of a day and not after working 8 hrs (travel on work time)
    • make sure I have no big plans on the weekend after traveling
    • keep travel "staples" always packed
    • use a carry on bag with "must have items"
    • I don't take my shoes off for the airlines,Imake them swab and scan the shoes

    I have learned these things,many the hard way. My employeer has worked with me. Our travel is often weekend based for trade shows,so they work with me re: time off when I return. I turn 50 in a few weeks and I just don't travel as easily as I did before. I also have young kids at home so I spend the days before traveling organizing their lives and doing LOTS of laundry. Try not to start a trip tired. I am a walking quad but that doesn't make the travel any easier.

    Hope this helps some. If you have any questions, PM me.
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    This is an issue I'll have to face at some point myself, and I share similar concerns. When the time comes, I'm going to ask my employer if they'll spring for a nurse to stop by for an hour in the morning and one in the evening, if that's possible. I'm pretty independent already but with a nurse nearby as I'm showering and getting dressed, I'd be able to get out the door much faster. Maybe they would even be able to rent me some temporary equipmenet, so i don't need to lug around the commode and shower chair.

    Do you think your potential new employer would be up for this? It doesn't seem like it should be terribly expensive, relative to the cost of travel and car rental.

    Good luck with whatever you decide,

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    I have been doing a fair amount of travelling/ flying. A friend who travels a lot recommended this padded toilet seat that clips onto the toilet. It is small (no arms and legs) it packs easily in a bag and works really well. You can easily reach under to do your stuff. I use that and I like it a lot. So even when I get stuck in those rooms that are not very accessible it works. I am not sure of the brand name but should be easy to find on web sites. I got mine through experia. I am a T2 complete and it works fine even though I have no balance. Making my bowel care every other day works well too.

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    Thumbs up Thank you all

    You all have helped with my decision. You all have great advise and thank you again.

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