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Thread: Interview no-shows

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    I generally experience no-shows in the range of approximately 20% give or take 5%. I would like not to do the interviews in my home, however, when I have seven interviews scheduled in one day, I am not going to sit in a public store all day.

    Actually, I found an interesting phenomenon lately. Recent job candidates were actually fearful that they were being set up and led into a house to be raped, kidnapped, robbed etc. They thought the job ad was a scam to lure than into a trap. So several of them brought a friend to wait outside should their friend not exit the home within a reasonable time.

    All in all, a pretty sad state of affairs for our society.

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    I am incredably lucky to not need much help and having the most incredable wife in the world. Here's an idea. offer more $ on a trial basis. If you are not getting quality people for the $ you WANT to pay, maybe you won't get the quality you expect. simple economics, supply and demand. Tell all that you hire that the wage is up for review in 30 days. weather it be up or down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny
    Oh my god, are you serious?

    That's like telling someone who makes a 'Mr. Clean' joke is insulting 'European Americans' and men.

    KLD, did you ever stop and think that maybe the lady actually looked like the large black woman on the syrup bottle?
    Hello Jbinny,
    I just saw this thread but I wanted to post a little something in defense of African-Americans. I'd be a hypocrite if I said that I was totally comfortable around black people, etc. So this is just very general and not aimed at you specifically.The depiction of the large black woman (Aunt Jemima) on those bottles is a gross reminder of the "house slave" that many black women were in the pre-Civil War South. It didn't end when slavery ended though as many people hired blacks at cheap wages to cook for them and clean for them - thereby perpetuating the role of black women as servants to the white man. The Aunt Jemima depiction is a subtle way of sub-humanizing black women -- at least to a level below that of white Europeans. By contrast, white men have never been stereotypically viewed as "Mr. Cleans" who perform the servile work of cleaning other people's floors - and, indeed, that's not the role that white men have played in our society. So, I just wanted to point out why the "aunt jemima" reference is not harmless.

    As for offending women, I think KLD was talking more about the poster's discussion of some very vulgar things related to bodily function. The functions themselves are not vulgar but for men to discuss them publicly like he did and to belittle this woman for it - it is vulgar. But I'm pretty religious and I do not know what you would consider acceptable and what you would consider vulgar.

    That's not to say that I'm not concerned for your plight. I hope you have a much better experience finding a caregiver who will show up for an interview. As for the other guy, I hope he finds a caregiver that is not a "large black woman" if that's not what he wants (I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing).

    Shavua Tov!

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    I agree that the Aunt Jemima image is offensive.

    I don't think bringing up menopausal symptoms is offensive to women. If it is, some women need to cool off. We all deal with bodily functions that are not pleasant at times in life.

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