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    Cool Loosing my mind

    When I wrecked my motorcycle I my face went into the dash of my bike. They did some testing and said that they didn't think I had any brain damage. Although I noticed my short term memory was not what it was before. Latley especially in the morning when I take all my meds I feel like my brain will not process things....i also have been told that I repeat thing quite often....I am starting to worry that I am loosing my mind. I have heard that you can do brain exercises....anyone else feel this way or know anything about this? I know loosing your mind comes with age but christ I just turned 30 and am a little worried in a few years I will be dumb as a box of rocks.....

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    • Did you have any loss of consciousness after your injury?
    • Do you know what your GSC (Glascow Coma Scale) score was on the scene and at the ER?
    • What is the first thing you remember after your injury?
    Any loss of consciousness at the scene should automatically be considered a TBI. If you don't have memory of the actual accident or being at the scene of the accident, this is called PTA (post-traumatic amnesia), and also is a major symptom. The longer the PTA (time until you have your first post-injury memory) is often associated with the severity of the TBI.

    Just because there is not a CAT-scanable or MRI seen lesion does not mean that you don't have a TBI. In fact, with a accident such as you describe, it is very likely. Mild to moderate TBI is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions in medicine.

    Many people who have a mild to moderate TBI will experience problems with concentration, new learning, fatigue, etc. for 6-12 months after their injury. Some have more long term problems too.

    Have you talked with your physiatrist about this? They should also be expert in TBI consequences, and can refer you to resources for cognitive training in your area. A good speech pathologist or neuropsychologist can be very helpful. In my area we are also fortunate to have some excellent TBI day treatment programs and skills training programs both associated with local TBI rehab programs and with the community colleges that we can refer people to for help.

    This is also an excellent organization for information and resources:


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    Do you take oxybutynin? Because I noticed a concentration and memory problem with me after I had to up my dose of oxy a few years ago.

    I've tried some other drugs, but they don't work. I've tried putting the oxy directly into my bladder, but it's a pain. I'm going to give detrol a try soon.

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    Shannon, you may want to look into Sanctura. We find in our MS patients that this is the one least likely to aggrevate cognitive problems.


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    All that SCI-nurse said is right on target. As a speech pathologist, I often pushed for more cognitive assessments for memory and processing than the initial screenings completed at the acute phase. It is not unusual for difficulties to present after the event. Request an evaluation by a speech pathologist at a good hospital and let them know the reason at the time of making the appointment. Good luck!

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    Your injury was in 93 and u r just now thinking about this. Key phrase was "when I take ALL my meds in the am". Probably related to them individually or in combination. I personally won't take a bunch of pills. I LIKE having a mind. You would be suprised how much better you do w/o a bunch of strange chemicals in your body. Might take a while but I would assess them and decide just what is absolutely necessary. A good diet and exercise will allow your body to function WAY better.
    One more thing. Carbohydrates are what fuels your brain. GOOD carbs, not processed ones. WHOLE foods/grains keep it functioning at peak. Pay close attention to your foods. You wouldn't put fake gas in your car and expect it to run OR last long.
    Let doctors PRACTICE their medicine on the gullible. Take care of yourself and avoid them.

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    Thanks for the advice about Sanctura KLD, but I did give that one a try. I can't remember what it was I didn't like about it. I think it gave me dry mouth even worse than the oxy.

    One thing I wanted to say about putting the medicine directly into my bladder rather than having it affect my whole body, is that I said in my post that it was a "pain". What I should say is that it's difficult. I haven't figured out a way to really do it. I cath on the toilet, and I have difficulty injecting the solution. I think it would be much easier for a guy to do it though.

    I don't know. I think I might give it a try again because the less drugs circulating through my body the better. It makes sense to medicate the only organ that needs it. My brain definitely doesn't need it.

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