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Thread: Attitudes of the Public & Paralysis

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    Attitudes of the Public & Paralysis

    I was having a discussion in another message board about some health issues. I mentioned about some surgical procedures, which I believe to be frivilous, which are paid for by the Ontario Health Care System. Okay, I'll be more specific. I'm looking into lap-band surgery and I'll have to pay for it. It's $17,000. I'm fine with me paying for it; the price of a 2yr old Honda Accord. With shift work, my age and length of paralysis, hypothyroidism, fatigue and I suspect hormonal-water-retention issues, I just cannot lose weight in the conventional way. Diabetes runs in my family and I'm nervous. David and I barely get a good meal in together once a week between both of our jobs. I try to take salads or home made food for lunches at work; often my co-workers order pizza and I have it too if I'm too tired or haven't had time to prepare a better meal, which happens often. Michelinas frozen dinners are quick, but obviously not great for you either. If I don't do something now, I'm afraid what my future holds. David was totally against the surgical route, but 24hrs later (after my one shift of midnights and he at home) was supportive of me and my decision. He thinks it's a bit dangerous, but yes the benefits might outweigh the risks and he knows I've been quite unhappy with my weight as of late. I'm lucky he's prepared to take me as I am, but f-him if he wasn't, hah.

    Anyway, in Ontario because there are only 2 surgeons who do the invasive gastric type surgeries (Y-route or something and a duodenal switch) to cure 'fatness' and people would have to wait a year or more, they can be sent to the States where doctors can charge a lot more .. and we as taxpayers pay for it! Mine won't be covered because it's a lap-band and there is only a 4-week waiting period; a minimal procedure whereas the others are quite involved surgeries. I opted for the lap-band because of the way I use crede to use the washroom. It will remain with me for life. Laparoscopically, a band is placed around the top part of the stomach connected to a port near my abdomen which will lie underneath the skin (where I can feel). Fluid can be added to the band to make the stomach smaller, or can be removed for whatever reason. It has enough of a success rate that I'm willing to do it.

    So me and my big mouth went on this certain forum complaining about taxpayers paying for their surgery and you should have seen the negative comments from people! I was surprised! I tried to educate them a bit on paralysis, the costs involved and how they were taking precious health care dollars from others who might need it more; also the loss of bladder, bowel and sexual function and these were some of the comments I received:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gloria
    ....... being morbidly obese is a major illness.... and needs to be treated, just as some one with cancer or diabetis........ so if the insurance feels that the surgery was needed.. why not?
    You are bitter..... hey you don't have it easy.....
    But no reason to cut others down.... I don't think any one gets away scott free?
    So if some one is suffering, sick, and very likely this operation is the only way to save thier life... ummm why the heck not?
    Tell me, if you could get your bodily functions back..... including bowel, bladder and sexual function.... and you were eligable to have the state pay for it, as disabled people are entitled to benefits here in the states.. would you do it? Maybe if you felt some sexual gratification you would not be so ugly!
    Quote Originally Posted by bevswich
    Boy you sound angry! I won't "jusify" anything. I had insurance that denied me then 3 years later with a different insurance I was approved...Good luck to but you are directing your anger the wrong way. We are here to support people not "justify" reasons insurance turns people down.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnnoyingLizard
    I don't feel a damn bit guilty! I worked for MANY years and paid taxes just like everyone else. My surgery was a benefit of MY tax dollars at work...paralysis is not the first issue I'd want research for. I'd rather it go to cancer, or other LIFE THREATENING health issues.
    Quote Originally Posted by StephanieH
    I'm with the others when it comes to finding cures, people can live in paralyzed state but they can't live when their bodies have been eatting up by cancer or other diseases....
    Quote Originally Posted by blkbutterfly
    I am disabled. I am on disability. Just for the record, I met the working and medical qualifications to receive disability insurance. Because I receive disability insurance, I am on Medicaid. Medicaid will pay for my surgery. However, If I weren't disabled, I would have to pay out of pocket as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Navywife25
    As far as Research curing paralysis... Talk to our president about Stem Cell Research... then you might get somewhere with that...And as far as Tax dollars going to cure Paralysis... I'd rather my tax dollars soing to curing things like Cancer, Alzheimer's Diseas, Etc. I'd rather my tax dollars go somewhere that is meaningful to me!!
    I went back and told them that paralysis can be a terminal conclusion vis a vis pressure sores, constant bladder infections, how bone density is affected and how some live in constant pain and yes, that some are unable to work and participate in normal life activities and become quite depressed. I can't believe the non-sensical responses of some of those people. Everyone was spouting cancer research, blah blah ... I informed them what Dr Young reiterates that the NIH has more funding for biomedical warfare than it ever has before. In Ontario, I believe the last statistics I read stated that 60-80% of people afflicted with the most common forms of cancer: breast, colon and prostate, survive! Most, not all, can return to somewhat normal lives. We can't even pee yet since WWII!

    It's wasting money on surgery that shouldn't be needed in the first place .. but even if it is, hey if I gotta pay, they should too; not the taxpayers.

    I was more stunned by the mis-information people have about paralysis and its ongoing medical issues. This made me really unhopeful about swaying a taxpaying public to fund any sort of clinical trial or cure.

    ETA: I also wrote about Muscular Dystrophy, Alzheimers, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrigs) and how no one gave a damn about Parkinsons until Michael J Fox came long. Some had such an inflated sense of immortality, I guess I don't remember much of that since age 12. The thing that really peeves me off is that there are real people here in Ontario, working people, who have to wait more than a year for hip or knee surgeries as well as some heart or spine surgeries ... but our government refuses to send them to the States and some will live for a couple years in temporary disability, and I'll bet some have died waiting. I'm ALL FOR my money going there. As long as it's not them who are paralyzed, who cares seems to be the norm.


    P.S. Keep your fat comments to yourself! I admit to failing in this area of my life - mostly it started with that damn thyroid thing at 23-24yrs and becoming more physically unactive the more I worked. We can't all be perfect. If you feel you must hurl an insult, wheel away from the computer and look in the mirror and admire yourself to being above all others, but still, keep it to yourself.
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    How am I supposed to not make a fat joke now? It never crossed my mind until that last little paragraph and now I can scarcely restrain myself! Not because I'm better than you with my crazy hyperactive thyroid but because you SO ASKED FOR IT!! God, girl, how have you survived having siblings when you set yourself up like that?? Mine sense weakness, I'm sure yours do too!

    Whew. Now I've composed myself.

    Please stop thinking your weight is a failing. You've been paralyzed since 13, you're self-sufficient, employed full-time, in a relationship, you have extended family. I fail to see where you deserve abuse because you neglected to fit marathon-training into your schedule. Don't be so hard on yourself, you don't deserve it. I have NO DOUBT that your thyroid is responsible for 80% of your weight. It is everybody's, every cell in your body has a furnace burning thyroid hormone, and the doctors are useless at managing it. Your furnace most likely doesn't get enough fuel. On a low thyroid day I gain 5 pounds and that is a fact. It has very little to do with diet or exercise.

    Those people that are giving you shit above, maybe they've failed, I don't know. It does seem to me that it would be easier to hit target heart rate in an able (albeit elephantine) body.

    Actually, that's me being mean. One of my best friends has Hashimotos. You can tell by looking at her what her thyroid is doing, or not doing, on any given day.

    I hope I'm allowed to make fat jokes about the losers above...they deserve no less. I am so mad since I read "Maybe if you could get some sexual gratification." Pack of big assholes they are, this is how they are supportive? They don't approve of tax dollars for paralysis research but have no problem taking them for their own condition? I mean they don't have to support paralysis research. But they do have to refrain from belittling those that need it, if they're a decent human.

    This is aggravating. I have no doubt these people are in great pain and unhappiness because of their bodies. Our society is cruel to the overweight. So what do they do with their lessons, do they practice great compassion? No, they mock the disabled.

    They've been tormented by skinny what did they learn from that, they waited 30 years for a pack member they could tear down.

    Pack of raging assholes. (Please can I say big fat assholes?? )
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    Betheny I am laughing my arse off here ... thank you so much for the laugh. lol ... still giggling ... I wanted to say so much but I chose to refrain and try to educate. There have been no further responses and I ducked out calling myself 'their internet troll' and that there would be no intelligent exchange of further ideas - obviously. Then I told them to chug off and go eat something, that it would make them feel better.

    As Britney Spears once said, I guess I'm "not that innocent," with regard to the jokes. lol
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Heeheehee, get 'em where it hurts...they certainly tried to do it to you!

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    I wonder how many of them would 'prefer their tax dollars' going to cancer research if they accidentally sat down on one of their Cheeto-fed offspring and snapped their spine?

    They may feel different when little Jimmy's BP time is eating into the opening hours of Taco Bell.

    We're allowed to make fat jokes at them, right?
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    Yes Paul, 'have at it' as the english say. lol And that was good. Outloud again.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    I'll bite here and ruffle some feathers. I can see some whacky hormones packing on the pounds in people and yeah, putting a cork in your stomach to compensate for that might work. But on the other hand I gotta wonder how much hormonal issues are in play with some of 'those people' (I am assuming that was an obesity board). Reason I wonder is that those types can be found at the Denny's breakfast buffet (all you can eat ya know) gorging themselves, or claiming the glandular thing while devouring an entire large pizza by themselves in one sitting. Then claiming legal disablity and sounding rather proud of it due to poor feeding habits? Uggh. Sounds like a bunch of those need to see psychiatric help with their feeding habits rather than altering their bodies. And those types usually are the bitter types already, so that is probably why they lit into you. I think a lot of the obese try to glom onto the physical reasons such as what you are experiencing rather than admit the real reasons they are so large. Heck, I know that my svelte 240 or so lbs. are due not just to no big muscles burning up the calories anymore, I eat like a pig, and I admit it! lol It's all downhill from here, but I thankfully think that I really cant pack on anymore weight from this point due to physiology, something about a fixed amount of fat cells or something (I suck at anatomy though, so dont hold me to that one). Kinda steady at this weight. I'd say go back to that board and just say "you fat f'ing pigs with your 5000 calorie a day diets, stop trying to claim that it's a physical problem while mimicing a Hoover while touring all the buffets in town"

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    Sorry you got a rough ride from those you quoted Lynnifer . Best of luck with your decision about the surgery.
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    So I looked in the mirror...

    OMGod...I'm fat...I'm ugry...get over it...I ain't no Paris Hilton look a like either... (so the jokes on me) It sucks getting old and I know people who are having problems losing weight, including and all those health problems run in my family as well...including the weight problem...I have problems losing it too...
    My friend, Linda had it done...She's has to to eat smaller meals many times during the day and if she over eats at a meal...she gets sick and throws up...She's says that's the only draw back she's had...She looks good but she's got to watch it since losing too much weight is just as bad...
    Only you can make the choice for's your life...I wish you well in your life's journey...

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