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Thread: bladder augmentation for overactive bladder

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    bladder augmentation for overactive bladder

    My urologist has told me that I have an overactive bladder, and that this is creating dangerously high pressures in my bladder. He says that it is dangerous because the pressure could have adverse effects on my kidneys. I am already maxed out on bladder spasm reducing medicine (ditropam, impram), so he said I have two options. Botox and bladder augmentation.

    My insurance company denied the botox treatment. And even if they didn't I not sure I would want to have Botox treatments every (one,two,three?) years. So I am reluctantly leaning towards bladder augmentation. I say reluctantly because I wish there were other treatment options. Major abdominal surgery is not appealing.

    Is bladder augmentation my only hope? Are there any other treatment options out there? I recently heard about the Interstim therapy but there's only one short thread (see below) on this board that talks about it. Is this a viable treatment option for people with complete spinal cord injuries?

    thanks in advance,

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    Justin S - I am not familiar with Interstim therapy however, it is made by Medtronic, Inc (manufacturers of the baclofen pump). For more information:
    Medtronic - Interstim
    Urology Center - interstim
    From my search, I would question whether it is appropriate for the person with a neurogenic bladder as the result of SCI.

    Abstracts of several articles related to bladder augmentation can be found at the National Library of Medicine. The one referenced reports on the outcomes of this procedure:
    NLM - bladder augmentation CRF

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    Do a search under 'Find' for bladder augmentation. There are many threads about it or where it is mentioned.

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