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Thread: Moisturizer for butt skin?

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    Moisturizer for butt skin?

    What moisturizer would be the safest to use on the skin of your butt when it is very dry?

    I should clarify, it's where I had old sores heal, right where I sit about silver dollar size on both buns. I worry about sitting if moisturizer keeps skin too moist, ya know what I mean...

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    i use neosporin on my butt crack, where the skin comes together on tailbone area, when its dry. great stuff

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    I use Lubriderm on my entire body. Haven't had any problems with too much moisture.


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    monkeygirl - You can try applying olive oil (use extra you won't smell like an Italian salad or a delicious pasta) immediately following your bath and before drying. Then pat dry with a towel. The oil is absorbed by the skin, does not leave the skin oily or get on clothing. This could be followed by the application of cetaphil moisturizing cream. Again, this latter product is absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft but not moist. This routine was recommended by my own dermatologist for my problems of extremely dry skin in the winter months. I have found it to be a very satisfactory solution. CRF

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    I've been using Aloe Vesta skin protectant, rubbed in until dry.

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    I have found that Sween Cream works very good for dry skin on my backside and thighs.


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    Aquaphor, put it on at night, takes a little while to soak in... works wonders.

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    Monkeygirl, I'd be careful to not make your butt too soft with moisturizer. I had a couple of small, dry, chafed spots on my ass and tried Lubriderm on them in the morning. It made it much worse. When I transferred using my sliding board my ass really "grabbed" the board and slid very poorly. I found that applying a tiny amount of Lubriderm on each spot AT NIGHT was far better. That way, the moisturizer could soak in and there wasn't as much friction using the sliding board in the morning. Sometimes I think dry skin can be tougher as long as it isn't cracked, bledding or open. I even say that about my hands. They've been very dry the past few weeks. I put some Neutrogena cream on them nightly and they became quite soft, tender and sensitive. It was beginning to hurt because my hands were so soft they were really grabbing the rubber coated handrims and pulling on the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. My hands became awfully sore and red. I only use a little hand cream now every few days and it's much better. I think the same thing was happening to my ass except I couldn't feel it.

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    Try something called Butt Paste. The wound care nurses I talk with swear by it.
    I had some dry skin from tape and it cleared it right up. It works great on our kids' butts too.

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