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Thread: Hand Controls, how long do they last?

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    Hand Controls, how long do they last?

    I guess what i am asking is what would be a safe lifespan for a set of hand controls? Ive had the same ones for 11 years now, thinking maybe i should get a new set just to avoid any potential problems.

    How long have yours last for, do you routinely get a new set every so often?

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    What kind of controls do you have Anna? some controls will last a lifetime, others not. I might not recognise what kind you have anyhow as they may be austrialian, but somebody else may know something about them. Maybe show a website or picture of them.

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    I've had my Monarch Mark IV's for 20 plus years. replaced a few small parts & that's it.

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    I used a set of Drivemaster controls for 30 years.

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    most hand controls never really wear out, so there is not a lot to worry about in that aspect. Sometimes by going with new ones and newer techology it is a change for better though. Installation also is an important factor as far as usability, are they at the proper angles of height and distance and throw etc.
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    mpds last forever. i have several sets. lube every so often your good rep
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    Thanks all...i checked to see if i could see a brand, but zilch. They seem to be slightly sticking at the moment, so I'll make sure they get some lube in the near future.

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    Mine are 14 and still fine. I just spray wd-40 on the piviot points when I hear squeaks or if the control feels tight. I think they are Monarchs (They came on a used vehicle).

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    They should last A VERY, VERY LONG TIME. I'd suggest you have them serviced once a year or so to make sure nothing is about to fall off.

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