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Thread: Who's gone to Disney?

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    Who's gone to Disney?

    I'm going with my family on Sunday for a week. When I travel I usually bring my Spinergy wheels because of car transfers, the plane, etc. But we're going to be traveling all over Disney and the e-motions would be helpful for this trip. We're staying at the Boardwalk.

    I'm assuming everything in the area is pretty accessible, so is there any reason to get in a car to go anywhere that would require taking the chair apart? I think I remember a lot of shuttles from place to place.

    Any other recommendations, tips? Thanks.
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    I was just at Disney last month. If you have e-motion I would take them. I only have spinergys and pushed all day at the park it was a good workout but it may get to you. Theres shuttles to take you everywhere so no worry on car transfers
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