My cervical cord is very fragile--atrophied, and exposed post decompression--and banging it falling damaged it enough to destroy my functional life. I’m interested in knowing what they do for acute SCI, if it’s easy to just say, or if there is info you could point me to. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard methylprednisone and wonder if that is specific vs any steroid, and how much.

I was already somewhat disabled--walking with a crutch or two--so the ER diagnosed no broken bones, told me to see an orthopedist for MRIs, and sent me on my way. Nobody noted cord damage on my MRI, but the neurosurgeon now says it’s hard to see on an already atrophied cord. I’m wondering if it might have changed my life to do a course of IV steroids then, and more importantly what I should do if it ever happens again. What kind of doctor should I make them call? What should I ask him or her to do?

Also, any chance steroids might still help me, five years out?