I've been working on my Fentora medication refill for months now. It's been denied now 3 times. This is my last appeal coming up before an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge). First, I must mail in my reasons I feel I need the drug, etc. etc. I have done this 3 prior times and I thought I had effectively postulated the reasons this drug is desperately needed. I guess they either found my reasons unsubstantial or did not bother really reading it (they marked my age "30" - I am just turned 20!).
I am begging you with greater wisdom and intellect than I to please offer suggestions or citations, ANYTHING. Doctor Young, is there any material I could include that would, in your determination, sway your opinion? Or, anybody who has been thru the appeal with the ALJ.
Many heartfelt thanks to ANYONE who can offer me a little advice/support. This entire process has left me depressed and nauseated.

Thanks Again,