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Thread: Anyone else feeling without much direction?

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    Anyone else feeling without much direction?

    and know where/how to get back on track when you feel unsure of your goals or what to move/work towards?

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    i delve into hobbies and other things i'm interested in. that's how i decided i want to get into talk radio.
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    C'est la vie de moi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    and know where/how to get back on track when you feel unsure of your goals or what to move/work towards?

    I hear you on this, keyword here is Passion towards life. You seem to possess this, make it work for you to attain your goals.
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    I always check my fluids first [an engine cannot work properly without the right fluids ..combustion and energy]secondo i have to find a way to cool down the system ...air or another way .lol
    direction? .....try to use the balance.
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    not a bunch of advice, but i am in your corner...

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    One day at a time is good advice.

    Looking too far into the future or the past only causes worry, regret or anxiety either way.
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    ..every morning when i wake up DECAF......ure not alone

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    What do you want Decaf? Like, the unreachable thing you one say cure either =P find something unattainable and outlandish, if people have goals that ARENT way up to high then they may as well not bother in the first place. Thats the way I look at it, I have my things I want to reach for and that gives me all the focus and direction I need...

    I dunno its a subjective thing, self motivation has always come pretty easy for me, should come easy for anyone with SCI....everything else after SCI is a breeze...

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