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Thread: '93 Vantage Plymouth Voyager, actuator broke...know how to jerry-rig it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    thank you rusty i really appreciate your help.

    I contacted the guy and that was the only one he had. If you can get someone to measure it in the fully retracted or fully extended position I'll see if I can find you one. Also, try this--while working the switch, have someone tap on the motor part (where the wires plug in [but don't hit the wires, try tapping the side]) and see if you get any action; if you do it's likely just the motor which you might be able to buy seperately and save a lot of $. Isn't there a manual over-ride to work the unit?

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    no, i wish there was a manual overrride. my dad is coming over tonight. ill have him measure the actuator for u. we're going to trry to fiddle with it tonight.
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