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Thread: I know this is disgusting...

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    Marie, maybe use the rubber end of a pencil in a strap around your hand? Or a q-tip? Just don't get it stuck in there!


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    Hummmmmmm...good suggestions everyone. Thank you. Ami, I do have my mom dig around up there sometimes, but I perfer to do it by myself. I am proud of the fact that I can pick boogers. I tell that to everyone. It is an ADL you know. Duge, how bout those super sticky boogers that stretch an inch from your nose and cling to your finger? lol

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    For the really tough ones, a willing soul with a penlight and tweezers works very well...

    it definitely to is one of life small pleasures to be able to pick your own nose(aah... I can breathe again!).

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    Alright Marie !!!!!!!!!!!

    That's about like the ones that start coming out of your nose and strecht almost half way to the ground !!!!

    we got to see some humor!


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    Your not suppose to stick anything in your nose smaller than your elbow....or is that in your ear..i dont know..some orifice in your head.I know where my fingers been and i dont need to stick it in my nose to be reminded ...

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