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Thread: I know this is disgusting...

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    I know this is disgusting...

    ...but so is everything else in this forum.

    I can pick my boogers with difficulty. I don't have finger movement or sensation so I can't get them all and I am always stopped up. I take flonase sometimes for my allergies which are very mild. Is it ok to use Vicks Vapor Rub every day? What can I do to breath better?

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    i use nafazoline before going to bed so i can sleep well. i don't think vicks is bad my father uses it every day even on his eyes.

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    You should just blow your nose more frequently, you don't need good digital dexterity....unlike this gentleman.

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    Doesn't Vics make some thingy that you plug into a wall that release it's vapour stuff now?

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    I have dimenished*? lung capacity so blowing is not an option plus it is never runny. Hehe nice pic.

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    All right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is my kind of thread I love booger's
    there's the classic white hard one, green ones, yellow and of course the ones with all the color's plus blood in them!!!

    Actually I got a picture of George W. and I flip them at it!!!

    Just trying to liven this place up
    But actually Booger's are one of my favorites!!

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    i have a hard timing blowing my nose too......the best way to do it, is to put your chest to you knees and blow like hell, it helps, trust me.

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    Marie - It sounds like you are having secretions that are drying in your nose....boogies! Do you have any humidification in your home/apartment, etc.? It may be helpful to use a humidifier or moist vaporizer in the room in which you spend the most time. Have you tried using a plain nasal saline spray as a moisturizer? You can use this several times a day to help moisten the nasal passages. Lastly, there should not be a problem in using the Vicks on a daily basis, but I would urge you to consider the above suggestions as well. CRF

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    Well, you said it, I didn't... it's disgusting, so I'll just tell ya. I pick Chad's boogers! (ok, stop cringing everyone! someone has to do it!) As completely horrible as it may sound, is there someone you really, really, really trust that would do it for you? A best, best, best girlfriend? Do you have an attendant? It sounds terrible to have to ask at first, but if you have an attendant it's part of their job.

    Any-hoo, just my 2 cents. Gross as they are! LOL!


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    When your dancing with your honey.
    And her nose is kinda runny.
    You may think its kinda funny.
    Well it's SNOT.

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