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Thread: FES cycle Research?

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    FES cycle Research?

    I tried searching for research evidence to support the use of FES cycle for people with spinal cord injuries in my library databases, but did not have much luck. I also scanned the research section here without finding any. Is there no evidence out there, or am I computer illiterate? (I know I am a bit of the latter, but I thought I would find tons of studies that would suport the use of FES. I know it helps from personal use. Any help finding evidence would be a huge help. Thanks

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    I attached a word doc from a presentation that my colleague ‘s and I put together last month. There is a work cited page at the end that has numerous references for FES and FES cycling. Let me know if this helps.

    “As the cast of villains in SCI is vast and collaborative, so too must be the chorus of hero's that rise to meet them” Ramer et al 2005

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    Wild Willy,
    Thanks for the reply and the info. You have compiled some impressive articles. I believe I need more practice in searching for evidence. I should explain that I am working on a transitional DPT degree, and am enrolled in the first course- Evidence based practice. As I tried to find what is cionsidered "strong" evidence for an intervention I am finding that there may not be a whole lot due to the nature of the limited number of people with SCI, and the high costs of purchasing an FES bike. Also, geographically, few if any of the rehab centers in the southern states use FES cycles, and perhaps the shift toward recovery instead of compensation is slower to catch on here. Thanks again.

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    I understand your point of view and the requirements for your advanced degree. I would say that the lack of strong evidence is due to lack of research and or evidence based practice (There are more than enough individuals with SCI's). As a clinician and student you have the ability to change the standard of practice with regards to rehabilitation and the didactics (just do it). Make the most of your education and this website; they both have a lot to offer.

    Best of Luck

    “As the cast of villains in SCI is vast and collaborative, so too must be the chorus of hero's that rise to meet them” Ramer et al 2005

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    No FES bikes in the northeast either, not near me anyway. Too much money, not enough call for them. But any of the rehab people did swear by them. For alot of different types of injurys. They all were familiar with them, yet still did not have them. I had to drive myself, leg,,,,Move!!!!!!!!! It was slow going, but I had wished I had the use of one and still do.

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    DIY FES Bike still on course

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if you seen my earlier post about making a DIY FES bike but I have started to make one that should (if it works properly) only cost around the £200 to make. If your not into soldering and electronics you will need to get somebody to put it together for you, but its all from stuff you can buy from RadioShack (US) or Maplins (UK).

    I have built all of the components now and in isolationg they all work ok. Next weekend I should have time to string them all together and give them a go. Its not going to be pretty, or have all the bells and whistles of a £15K bike but it should do the job!!

    Also as a side I did some research on bio-feedback devices that can read EMG signals to tell if you are putting any effort in and have the necessary information to put a simple addition to the bike to monitor your input as well. But this is likely to be Version 2!!

    I will let you know how the test goes in my other thread I started a while ago.


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    Did you check

    Search: Functional Electrical Stimulation spinal cord injury

    Eric Harness, CSCS
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    Dose anyone know what happened to the Electrologic Stimaster Galaxy?

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