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Thread: AD and skin care

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    AD and skin care

    My son,20 yrs.old, 3 1/2,T5 complete, in 2 wks. is travelling to Cuba with his 2 older brothers, for their cousins wedding. I am wondering if any suggestions for possible AD happening, as flight is long, 7 charter. What does a person do, if and when AD occurs?? He has been very lucky so far, and never had any serious AD.
    Is there any kind of treatment, lotion etc. to help prevent skin breakdown as well?? He is extremely skinny, not much 'meat' on his butt. He is very strong though, and transfers well on his own. Just some MORE motherly worries.
    Thanks for input.
    chris B.

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    If you look in the sports and travel forum, there are many long discussions about safe air travel. I think the consensus is that the most important things to do to prevent skin breakdown during long plane flights is to use his usual cushion on the seat and do frequent lifts for pressure release.

    If he hasn't had any serious AD so far, it would seem to me that he is not in great danger of it now. Of course if he is wearing a leg bag that he is not used to, he will have to keep an eye on the tubing to prevent it getting blocked. My husband does not get AD, so I can't be much more help than that.

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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    Chris D. - You have asked an important question and are making plans ahead of time. This will contribute to your son having a good travel experience. I think the previous post has indicated the most important thing your son can do re: avoiding pressure sores. A long plane trip can contribute to pressure sore formation but the advice you have been given is the key..i.e. use his own cushion and pressure releases!!! Frequently!!!

    Have you contacted the airlines and prepared them as to his needs? Contacting a customer or service representative and listing his needs will contribute to a good outcome. Have you arranged for him to be seated on the aisle and preferably in the bulkhead area?

    AD is triggered by a noxious stimuli...e.g. kinked drainage tube or bag too full, or from sitting too long without pressure release, etc. The most important thing for your son to do is to take written information about AD and its management with him; he should keep it with him at all times, just as one who uses a medic alert bracelet for other medical conditions requiring special medical attention.

    With the advance planning that you all are doing, he should have a good trip. CRF

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