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Thread: cushion that doesnt crush testicles?

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    Question cushion that doesnt crush testicles?

    anyone found anything that gives any relief? the gel cushion i use moves the gel from under my butt bones to my genitals area causing the squeeze. any suggestions?

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    cross one leg as often as posible and pull ur package up on top if legs are tight together. and carry something with you to cover any uncomfortable moments.
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    Not sure what kind of gel cushion you're using but generally, this should not happen as the gel packs get velcroed to the cushion keeping them from moving. Mine is a Jay2 and that's how it works, protecting my butt, not squeezing my nuts.

    What kind of cushion are you using and how old is it?

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    Wearing briefs or a "swimmers" scrotal support will also help this.


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    I get the same thing when I wear boxers or when I don't weight shift. It hasn't happened in a while though. But when it does I usually have my caregiver adjust for me. As a t3 you should be able to adjust on your own, no? Or you just have a big pair of nuts.

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    Ha I'm contimplating rollin' around on a padded toilet seat!

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    Gel is not a good choice, in my opinion. Check out a Stimulite Supracore. No crushed nuts.

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