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Thread: Advise on best wound care facility/doctor in the midwest

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    Advise on best wound care facility/doctor in the midwest

    I am looking for advice on the best place to go for a non-healing pressure wound. My son has been dealing with an ischial pressure sore for 3 years. It has nearly healed twice, but always relapses. In February, 2004, he had major surgery following six weeks of IV vancomyacin for osteomylitis. The bone was scaped and a hamstring muscle was pulled up over the wound. For the last nine months he has stayed off it. We used the VAC and topical hyperbaric oxygenation, along with regranix and now a siver gel. There is no depth to it,but it has grown from about .5cm x 2.5cm at its smallest to 3.0 x 4.0. We have a good plastic surgeon on the case and have consulted an infectious disease doctor in Indianapolis; however, we are willing to look elsewhere for help. We hope to find someone in the midwest as traveling a long distance is difficult. We live in southern Indiana. This has gone on too long! Thanks for your help.

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    mh - what is your son's nutritional intake? Is he getting a well-balanced diet with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits? Both of these are sources of Vitamin C which is vital to integrity of the skin and wound healing. Many people with SCI take both Vitamin C - 500 mgm and Vitamin E - 400 IU on a daily basis. Both of these vitamins contribute to healthy skin. If he is not taking these, I would urge you to talk with his doctor about being on these vitamins.

    The other nutritional aspect is that often, for a person with SCI, it is difficult for the body to utilize the protein that is being consumed. Protein is also an important contributor to wound healing. Oxandrin is a product that has been used for SCI patients with complex wound healing issues. For more information on this medication, contact: BTG Pharmaceuticals: 800-741-2698.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is being used in some places for difficult wound healing. For more information on this therapy, go to the following:

    Hyperbaric therapy

    Hyperbaric registry CRF

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    I'm in Indianapolis and there is a great plastics doc. named Dr. Thomas Southern. He does awesome flaps!! He did mine and a couple other fellas. He's outta Methodist in Indy. He's your man, trust me.

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