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    Rolli Moden

    I am getting to need some new jeans, but I simply can't go back to Levi's. Has anybody tried to order from their site in Germany. I am currently trying to find a go between in Europe. I just love their jeans.

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    Have you tried USA Jeans?


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    USA jeans

    USA jeans are great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Have you tried USA Jeans?

    I´ve written to them a bunch of times. I would try a pair right now. For some reason the have never written me back. Rolli´s jeans were pretty comfortable.
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    Have you tried calling? I did a while back and they sent me a brochure. There is an 800 number on the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Have you tried USA Jeans?

    I have worn USA Jeans for years and they are great. I have worn both jeans and dress slacks from them. I have ordered jeans off the website before. Give them a try.

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